Car ownership in China has exceeded 100 million

Industry experts predict that, Car ownership in China has exceeded 100 million Articles as car sales rear area of the car market, is becoming a second car after the vehicle sales market “big cake”, in 2012, the unlimited business opportunities. Who bear a tremendous selling pressure on car prices, automotive after-market or will become the largest profit growth.

At present, more and more glued to the car manufacturers and consumers pocketbook, to speed up the pace into the automotive market, but by the lack of relevant laws and regulations, and automobile manufacturers, parts suppliers monopoly factors, car market after chaotic business environment, many difficulties of the credit crisis, lack of industry standards, strengthen the industry self-regulation is imminent.

The industry after the car sales market space known as the “car market”, refers to the car sales around the follow-up process in the automotive aftermarket needs and services arising from a series of trading activities in general, such as car repairs, maintenance, services and the necessary spare parts, supplies and materials.

In developed markets, the profits of sales of motor vehicles accounted for about 20% of the profits of the entire automotive industry, profits of parts suppliers account for about 20%, 60% of the profits generated in the service sector, which means that after-sales service profit is generally the whole three times the profits of car sales. At present, sales of the domestic car market, the services had a share is still relatively small, a lot of room for growth in the automotive service market.

In 2011, China’s auto market has bid farewell to the high growth rate into the stable development and brand competition stage, the major car firms race to cut prices repeatedly compressed vehicle profit. Realizing that more and more car prices the market pie than vehicle sales more oil and water, after the car market has gradually become the car prices to consolidate the business, rapid growth in profits and enhance their competitive advantage weapon.

At the same time, increasingly sophisticated consumers are more and more critical issue of after-sales service. Consumers are not just car as travel travel tools, and more emphasis on car derivative services can bring their own convenience.

The service is vast, rewarding profits, coupledĀ with consumers personalize the consumer’s preferences, and expand the automotive after-market services to car manufacturers, dealers and consumers demand. It can be said that China’s automotive economy is the type of sales to the service-oriented transformation.

As of August last year, car car cameras ownership in China has exceeded 100 million, a huge car ownership, sufficient to support a large-scale maintenance and repair market. According to statistics, the turnover of China’s automobile market in 2005 amounted to 88 billion yuan to 240 billion yuan by 2009. Industry experts predict that in 2012 China’s automobile market size will increase to 490 billion yuan in 2016 may exceed 700 billion yuan, an alarming growth.

The end of last year, the Commerce Department released guidance on the promotion of car circulation of the “12th Five-Year” development, improve automotive marketing and service system, and become the main task. Believe that in China, the proportion of first-time buyers up to 80%, once the first car proportion dropped to 50 percent, after the car market capacity will be greater.